Tuesday, 10 April 2012


This post will be really short. I just wanna share with you two songs of a new greek rock band. These guys are really great. Greg's voice (another friend of mine which I am prouf of) is so rock n roll and I just love it! Wonderful music with clever lyrics. Enjoy and support them.


  1. Thanks so much I've been looking for the band everywhere since I heard What I Am! Hope they get a lot more renown, their songs are great and I can't quite find them elsewhere :P when did they start playing music btw?

  2. Yeah, I hope they'll get a lot more renown too, cause they are pretty cool! Plus, so different from the standard Greek music. They are really great, and Greg is absolutely perfect. I love this huskiness of his voice :)
    They started creating music a couple of years ago!