Monday, 16 April 2012

The Artist

When I first heard that a silent movie had won the oscar for the film of the year, I thought "how come?this movie must be bored as hell". Then I decided to watch it to see by myself what was so exciting about this film. So I did and I saw it.
The movie was a masterpiece. Dujardin's smile got me from the first minute, so warm and sweet. Bejo's finesse and style was something else. It was like this film was really made back in the 40's. A real beauty.

Music was another thing that won me.It was following Dujardin's feelings and expressions but in a very successful way and the fact that I didn't actually heard a single word (only on the end of the film) didn't really mind me at all, didn't bore me like I thought it would. Actually ti was like the actors were talking through it, through the music and their eyes were so expressive, you wouldn't mind it was a silent film.

Finally I would like mention the dog. Uggy.

The real star of this film. It was like a human but with 4 legs and a furry skin. He amazed me, he moved me and I think we should seriously start giving oscars to the animals as well. Cause if something like this existed, Uggy would had won it all the way.

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