Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Butter caramel in a jar recipe.

Personally I m not a dessert person. I do like food but I don't prefer desserts.However I would recommend this one to all of you. It's fluid caramel literally and it will make you cry once you'll taste it.LITERALLY.Of course, if you are not a caramel fan,I'll accept your refusal :D

180 grams granulated white sugar 
300 grams light cream
120 grams glucose for cooking
75 grams salted butter cut in cubes

For 600 grams of butter caramel.

We heat the light cream with the glucose in a small pan or in a microwave oven. Do not boil it, just heat it.
We put the sugar in small portions in a nonstick skillet that is higly heated.While adding each portion stir quickly with a wooden spoon so to convert the sugar to an orange liquid like the photo below.Do the same process with all your small sugar portions.

After adding all your sugar add your heated light cream-glucose mixture really slowly. Be careful with it, if your mixture is cold you must heat it again or it may splatter.Stir while doing it. When you finish it, your final mixture will look like this.

Now boil it for 1'-2' minutes and then take it of the heat. Put it in a bowl (best option is a refractory bowl) and when it is chill enough (try it with your finger, the mixture must be warm, not hot.) add your butter. Stir it until the butter is fully melted. You can stir it with a blender as well.

Your butter caramel in ready for use. You can save it in a sterilized jar (in the fridge) or eat it!!It is perfect for bread spreading, cake covering, butterscotch for ice-creams, mousse, creams etc ..

Good luck!!