Friday, 23 November 2012

I am not dreaming of a White Christmas

 Christmas. Christmas is without a question the most favorite holiday for a quite huge number of people. To others it is the most melancholic one. There are also some, who hate them. Me? I belong to the first group. I really love Christmas, I wait for this holiday every year. Not because of this stupid shopping-mania which I don't support, but because of the family-gathering, the house-decoration, the cooking and the joy that we all have on our faces.
 But this year, it's the very first time that though, I was waiting for them, something is wrong.

 Quite an hour ago, I just finished decorating our home, but my mind was somewhere else. Was to these people that are on the streets, with no home, no hope, no future. It is the first time that I don't complain about the weirdly hot weather (because I love cold-freezing weather and snow), and I feel relieved instead.

 You are going to ask me: now? Now your mind is to the homeless? No, it is a really sad feeling that I always have but they always say that life goes on.. You can't just be sad all the time.  But as most of you already know, in my country, Greece, the situation is really bad right now. Things are terrifying to be honest. Out of control. The percentage of the homeless people is increasing and people are finding themselves with no money and home from one minute to another. You don't know what to expect.

 So no, although I love snow, and skiing, it is the first time that I wish for no snow this year. And I wish everyone would have a home, and I wish everyone would have food.

 So lets all pray for all these people that would be on the streets this Christmas. Help them anyhow you can. Give them warm clothes, or blankets, or food. Don't shut your eyes and turn you back on them. They need you.

 I am wishing you a warm Christmas.

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