Monday, 25 February 2013


  These last months the word "hope" was on my mind every day, every hour, every minute and second. It is the only word that crosses every person's mind on a stressful situation, on a bad moment, when it feels that there is no tomorrow. Is "HOPE" our true God? Is hope, God?

  I used to be a really anxious person, not that I am not anymore, but the point is that when growing up and living new experiences, bad or not, you become something else, something new. You discover a part of yourself that you never knew you had. You feel that you are a completely new person and that you start all over again. Or at least that is how I felt. And that's when I found hope.

  My country is in a really bad condition. They say that when you reach the bottom there is no other way but going up. But what if we haven't reach the bottom yet? What if things will get even worse? They will, eventually. And then hope pops out into your head. Or at least it should pop out. Or else you are lost. Hope is what is keeping people from suicides.  Hope is this balance that keeps us from going crazy. Hope is a four-lettered word that can mentally save us.

  Maybe I sound too poetic, but I am still right here. Can you imagine a world without hope? I can't. And no. I am not living in a fairy-tale. I know people are vicious and senseless and it is really disheartening. But what should I do? Disappear? No. I hope. And this gives me strength to keep on going. So hope is kind of a God. Hope is God.

  World had recently become a really hostile place but since there is no other solution, all we can do is to be really observant so that we can all be able to see the little beautiful things that this world has. Things such as family, love, friends, health.

  This last week I was blessed enough to meet new people from a foreign country and to become friends. This one week filled my soul with love and happiness. I was lucky enough to discuss and to share opinions and stories and there you go. I felt that I am not the only anxious person in the world. I understand that people no matter what are here for you. That people all around the world have their skeletons in their closets like me, like you, like everyone. The only thing that is left for us to do is to hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for love. Hope for health. HOPE.




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