Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Greece. A bleeding place.

Greece. A beautiful place. A bleeding place. 
Greece is the place where philosophy was born. Democracy was born. Drama, tragedy and comedy were born. Is the place where the first european civilazations were born. Is the place where the Olympic Games were born. But still, this beautiful place is bleeding. This country wasn't able to keep democracy going. Maybe because democracy was too pure for humans. Because humans are the most filthy and harmful living beings on earth. Well, I don't want to sound unjust. There are some people who are still being innocent but for how long?

We are destroying everything.

I am 26 years old. I have no future at all. I am educated. But apparently there are no jobs. No money. No tomorrow. Why? Mmmm, maybe because politicians, who are the ones who must care for their country the most, well, they don't. They only care about themselves. Those vicious human beings. 

You want a big salary? You want to live like a king? Be a politician! Success guaranteed.

And that's why Greece is bleeding now. I'm not hiding myself. I' ve voted them too. I was asleep. I was wrong. Now it's too late. People are hungry. People are living on streets. Are poor, are homeless. Are hopeless.

Take a walk at Athens, centre. You'd be surprised. We are in a war. An economical war. 

Anxiety, stress, fear, agony, these are the feelings we, greeks feel the last months. Suicides are more frequent now. Why? Because people with kids, with bills, with debts have reached bottom. They don't think. They just jump. I don't blame them. I've stopped blaming others and I, too,blame them all. We are all to blame.

Try to be educated. Try to think. Read. Don't shut your eyes. Don't listen to what television is telling you. They are big fat liars. Listen to your voice. Listen to yourself. I know it's really hard to do but pray. For better days. For us to wake up.

Don't blame immigrants. Don't blame God. Just try to calm your feelings and think. It's the only thing that's left to do. Think what went wrong. Think of your mistakes and try to change them. Clear you mind. 

I know I may sound poetic and I am sorry about that but, in the end, what's left for us to do? Smile. Maybe things will be better. One day. Someday.

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