Sunday, 24 June 2012


Love, the ultimate gift after health. You can buy a house, you can buy a car, you can even buy sex, but you can't buy love.

This will be an ode to this great gift that I wish all people could find. I'm not gonna write down about love in general, but about your one and only love. Your soulmate. Your other half.

They say that on this planet, that we only live once, every single one of us have a soulmate and that once you find it, you feel it and then you never let it go. There are people who believe that this is clear bullshit, I don't blame them, because you have to truly believe in something in order to find it. If you don't believe in it, then maybe it will never come to you. There are people who stopped believing in it cause they were hurt in the past,  but I know with all my heart and soul that your soulmate is outhere, and once you meet it, you will know that he or she is the one.

You may hurt it, your other half, it may hurt you too, you will both cry and feel that this is the end but, don't you worry, because even if you hurt each other it will only help you understand that you can't live without each other. And that's the moment you will know that you were meant to be together, you were meant for each other.

Love is the only feeling that can make you feel complete.

There is an old myth that is written on a philosophical text by one of our Greek philosophers, Platon, that says that once they were the primordial androgynies, which in other words means two souls a man and a woman in one body. Zeus and the other Gods, were thinking of defeating them, finding a way to conquer them. So they came up with the idea of seperating them so that they could be weaker. Since then these souls were seaking for their other halfs and when they found them they were staying there, holding hands, having only one desire : to stick together again.

It sounds like a melancholic fairy-tale but I know that you will all get the point.So if you are lucky enough and you have found your other half  love it. You only live once on this fucking planet.

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